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Silver Necklace Algerian Knot


Silver necklace Algerian Knot, handmade from sterling silver.This necklace symbolized the knot of love.
Adjustable neck base necklace.
Chain length: 45 cm
Pendant diameter: 30mm
Total weight: 48 g sterling silver

Silver Necklace Algerian Knot unique, entirely made by hand from sterling silver. The Algerian Knot represent a symbol of love.
This necklace it’s made in the lost wax technique.
It is a massive pendant and it is designed for wearing at special occasions.

Manufacture and Delivery

This Silver Necklace Algerian Knot is handmade to order. Please allows us 15-20 business days to be handcrafted. For any details regarding this item or if you need this ring more quickly, you can write us at:


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